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Electronic Rust Control

The Rusterminator is the modern choice for an electronic rust deterrent system that protects the vehicle 's metal body from perforation caused by corrosion. Now there is an alternative way to guard against the damaging decay caused by moisture and road salt. Unlike traditional, messy methods of applied petrochemicals and harmful solvents, the Rusterminator is completely safe for the environment!

Electronic rust control is a proven science. For over half a century an electrical method known as cathodic protection has effectively controlled corrosion on underwater steel bridge supports and underground pipelines. This method incorporates a technique know as capacitive coupling which uses the water or soil as a conductive medium. Various companies have manufactured electronic rust control units for the automotive industry based on this principle. These units would have a greater rate of success in inhibiting corrosion should you bury the car underground or better yet, submerge the vehicle underwater! In the "on the road" application, however, the most common conductive medium available is air. The amount of air between the source and the car body is relatively small, and air is a very poor conductor.

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We took note of this inferior coupling method and took the appropriate steps to improve it. The Rusterminator was designed and engineered specifically for automotive applications. After more than two years of research and development, we have designed a "Direct Coupled" method of "Impressed Current Flow" that eliminates the need for a conductive medium. The signal produced by the Rusterminator is sent directly into the vehicles body. From that point, a positive pulse is sent to all metal grounded to the vehicle body. This "pulse" works to equalize the many small galvanic differences that exist in an auto body, effectively stabilizing the metal to guard against the damaging decay of metal perforation. Existing corrosion, DEPENDING ON THE CONDITION OF THE VEHICLE, WILL BE CONTROLLED AND FURTHER GROWTH WILL BE SUPPRESSED.  The newer the vehicle, the better the performance level of the Rusterminator.


Rusterminator Operations and Its Effect on Corrosion

Corrosion in automobiles has become a major concern to automobile manufacturers and automobile owners alike. Due to the use of carbon steel in most major automobile body components, it is not a question of if your car will rust, but when and how severely it will rust. Automobile manufacturers have responded to this issue in various ways, including the use of more corrosion resistant materials, improved paint systems, and better design practices. However, despite all of these efforts, the fact remains that carbon steel, when exposed to air, will corrode. This corrosion process can be accelerated due to environmental issues and chemical issues. Environmental issues may include, but are not limited to, marine environments (salt mist) and areas of high heat combined with high humidity. Chemical issues are linked to many environmental corrosion concerns, however, these are generally man made problems. These may include road salt used for deicing in many areas, air pollution, increased ozone in the atmosphere, and acid rain. There is little that any automobile owner can do to eliminate the corrosion accelerators. The Rusterminator offers a means to slow the effects of these corrosion accelerators. Before we continue, I would first like to review how corrosion forms, then discuss how the Rusterminator can help guard your vehicle.

Automobile corrosion is caused by the formation of iron oxide. Iron oxide is formed when iron molecules combine with oxygen molecules. This combination of Fe + O produces RUST. There are two basic types of rust. Red ferrous oxide, FE203(hydrated nonmagnetic, hematite), and black ferric oxide, FE304 which is very highly magnetic. Ferric oxide in any form can occur for many reasons, high humidity, corrosive environments, moisture, and contaminates to cause crevice corrosion. The Rusterminator works on the principal of impressed current protection. This is somewhat similar to the anodic current principal which is used quite widely throughout the petroleum industries and the shipping industries. Through the flow of current through a piece of metal, the ionization of iron molecules with an additional source of electronics which keep them more stable thus reducing the combination of iron molecules with oxygen potentials that exist in all metals. A single price of sheet carbon can have electrical potentials in various areas that can vary by as much as a few milli volts. This difference in lower potential areas to the higher potential areas causes a corrosion cell. These corrosion cells aid in the combination of oxygen and iron atoms. By eliminating these differences in electrical potential, the sheet of steel becomes more stable or noble. It was difficult, if not impossible to balance all of these differences in potential in normal atmospheric conditions until the invention of direct coupling. In a marine environment or a pipe buried underground, the moisture content and temperature are fairly constant. Also, the current flow can be supplied from an external cathode to the entire surface evenly. This even application of current greatly aids in the balance of electrical potential. The Rusterminator delivers a pulsed current flow at a specifically designed rate. This current flow is applied to the direct coupling and a controlled pulsed signal aids in the development of balanced potentials. This signal can be applied only to ferrous parts directly attached to or electrically connected to the chassis ground. This signal cannot protect metal parts attached by plastic strips or grommets.

Normal automobile corrosion occurs where dissimilar metals come into contact with each other. The automobile industry has done an excellent job in their attempt at eliminating these problems. However, they still exist. Corner and crevice corrosion is another source of metal loss. This normally occurs in wheel wells and lap joints in doors and trunks. Salt water and moisture can collect in these areas increasing the chance of rust through. The Rusterminator can assist in the prevention of rust through in all of these conditions by balancing the various potentials thus preventing corrosion cells from occurring.

Metal naturally wants to return to its natural state. The Rusterminator is a new form of protection to slow this process and extend vehicle life.

Warranties are available for qualified vehicles only if installed by an authorized dealer.
Do it yourself installations do not come with a corrosion warranty.

New Vehicle Warranty
Your car qualifies for the Limited Lifetime Warranty if your car is less than 11
months from manufacture date and has less than 3,000 miles. Call or ask for
a copy of the warranty for complete details.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty
Rusterminator's unique protection even guarantees used vehicles, even if your
vehicle is 3 years old! Call or ask for a copy of the warranty for complete

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Do it yourself installations do not come with a corrosion warranty.

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