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The Rusterminator applies a specific pulsed DC current directly to the automotive body.  By doing this we raise the many different galvanic differences of the metals used to build a car to a more uniform positive potential.  This works to eliminate the small electrical cells in the metal that can cause galvanic corrosion; the most common type of corrosion that attacks automotive bodies.

We chose the frequency of the pulsed DC current the Rusterminator produces to eliminate the possibility of any interference with other automotive electrical control systems.  We use a low frequency signal that will be ignored by any other electrical system active within the protected vehicle.  The filtering systems necessary in all automotive electronics will see our protective wave form as noise and shunt it back to ground.  The low frequency also allows a great current flow within the automotive body.  In this was we have achieved maximum protection from corrosion while eliminating any possibility of interference or harm to existing automotive electrical systems.

CURRENT - 28 ma Max
OUTPUT PULSE - 1.8VDC - 10VDC at a specific controlled wave design
OUTPUT CURRENT - varies with each vehicle and prevailing weather conditions

NOTE: All values given were measured with a 13.5 VDC power
source to compensate for differing vehicle electrical systems.


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Do it yourself installations do not come with a corrosion warranty.

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