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Customer Testimonial

The letter below was sent in by a satisfied customer:

Customer Testimonial

1998 Buick Riviera

"My Rusterminator works great!  My car is in great shape.  When I bring it into my mechanic he can't believe what good condition it's in, even the undercarriage.  I've even had notes on my window with people who offer to buy it!  I recommend it to anyone who wants to prolong the life of their car."

Mrs. Spangler, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

"Since I have installed a Rusterminator on my 1991 BMW 325i Touring it hasn't shown a sign of rust anywhere, even in underbody."

Mrs. Kinoshita, Japan

Customer Testimonial

"Let me say without hesitation that as of today, I have been unable to locate any new areas of corrosion on my 1997 Nissan Largo.  I need to purchase additional units for my other delivery cars."

Mr. Nagai, Japan

Customer Testimonial

"I am writing not to carry the Rusterminator, but to let you know how well the Rusterminator has worked for my car.  I have had my Rusterminator since May 1993, I still have my car and have over 140,000 miles on my car.  I have just started to show a little rust along the very bottom of my car.  That is no matter to me, cause my car looks great.  I do contribute that to my Rusterminator, and the installation at Gordy Graybill Inc in Massillon.  When I do get a new car I will certainly get a Rusterminator put on that car too.

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am and how great the Rusterminator works, my car is living proof that it really does work.

Thank you!"

Nancy Graybill, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

1995 Ford Crown Victoria

"Everyone keeps asking me how I keep my vehicle in such good shape.  One of the main reasons is the Rusterminator.  Every car I own will have one.  I recommend the Rusterminator to all car owners!"

Mr. Godec, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

2000 Ford F150

"Here are my thoughts on Rusterminator...

I had Rusterminator installed on my new 2000 F150 Pickup back in April of 2000.  After 9 years and 132,000 miles the visible rust on the vehicle was minimal.  Several places where the original paint has chipped off were not rusted.  Bare metal shown through in these spots, with NO RUST!!!

Naturally, when I bought a 2009 F150 to replace it, one of the first stops was to my Rusterminator dealer for another installation of Rusterminator.

Rusterminator has worked very well for me."

Mark Talani, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

"I want to thank you for all of your help.  Some companies try to get out of a warranty.  Your rep has always been helpful, providing services.  I am going to purchase another truck soon and I will be installing your products again."


Dave Rucker, Ohio

Customer Testimonial


1999 Ford Ranger

"I bought my 1999 Ford Ranger in March 2000 and you installed the Rusterminator.

Nine years and 95,000 miles later there is no rust and I still have the original exhaust system and muffler.  I am impressed!"

Howard Fagan, Ohio

Customer Testimonial


1995 Safari Van

"My 1995 Safari Van looks great.  I love the way the Rusterminator protected it.  My friends are amazed at the great condition it is in!  Beats spray on, hands down."

Thomas Laurenzi, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

1994 Chevrolet Cheyenne

"I had the Rusterminator rust protection installed when I purchased the truck in February 1994.  I have been greatly impressed with its performance over the years and wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking for rust protection means.

 I had stone chips that never rusted other than a little surface reaction.  People stop me and ask how I kept my truck in such great condition.  Im glad I purchased the Rusterminator rather than the old fashioned spray style."

Mr. Noall, Ohio

Customer Testimonial

Rich has had his last 5 vehicles protected by Stevens with the Rusterminator. He knows they work! Rich has been around cars, trucks, motorcycles, and, just about anything with a motor and wheels for years. The first place he stops after a new car purchase is Stevens Auto Glaze & Security!

Customer Testimonial

Just over a decade ago we installed a Rusterminator on a car for Kay. 10 year check finds the Toyota rust free and in great condition!

Customer Testimonial

A great customer for many years. Don has all his cars done with us. His professional dragster even carried the Rusterminator logo!

Customer Testimonial

Yet, still another great customer! Here is Lou picking up his van after a Stevens Tripoly Glaze renewal and Rusterminator inspection!

Customer Testimonial

Zalton says he will not own a vehicle without having a Rusterminator protecting it. Here is his 1990 Cadillac which he is selling today. He is certain that the Rusterminator has allowed him a higher resale value. Even the bottom door pinch weld areas are in amazing shape, even after 24 years of exposure to the elements! Crevice corrosion is one of the most difficult areas to protect on a vehicle due to the dissimilar metals, welds, and pressing of the metal.

Customer Testimonial

Here's Al with his new VW Gti. This is Al's second car protected with a Rusterminator. He was a bit skeptical when one of his co-workers had one installed years ago on a white full size Chevy van. After keeping an eye on it for 15 years he realized these things actually do work! When he traded in his last car the dealer put it up on the lift to judge it's value and asked him what he drove in the Winter months because it was so clean. The tech said he was very impressed as there was little corrosion even on the bottom of the vehicle.

Customer Testimonial

The Rusterminator has been protecting passenger cars around the globe for more than 24 years with amazing success. The Rusterminator Industrial model has also been protecting some much larger vehicles. This truck is a city salt spreader and snow truck that has been in service for over a decade. Doubt you could find a much harsher corrosive environment than that!

Customer Testimonial

Dennis just came in for his FREE annual Rusterminator inspection. His 2004 Canyon is still looking great after over a decade of Cleveland Winters and over 213,000 miles! His friends and mechanics are amazed at how well it looks!


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